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Florian to JDS: “Take Mark Hunt Down”

Mark Hunt

MMA fans around the world are already occupying the edge of their proverbial seat in anticipation of Saturday’s Mark Hunt-Junior dos Santos bout, which of course features two of the heavyweight division’s most feared strikers. While Hunt’s remarkable run, after being written off by most pundits a few years ago, is another reason people are pumped to see this fight, it has the potential to be a memorable stand-up affair.

But will it go down that way? If ¬†JDS and his camp are thinking along the same lines as “UFC Tonight” analyst and noted vet Kenny Florian, the answer is no.

“Mark Hunt can knock anybody out. His leaping left hook is as deadly of a technique as we’ve seen in the UFC,” Florian noted. “We may very well see Junior dos Santos revert to an offensive ground game. If I’m Junior dos Santos’ coach, I’d say take Mark Hunt down, and don’t trade with him, that’s going to be too dangerous.”

Sound advice. Of course, Santos has largely relied on his fists to blast his way to the top of the UFC rankings, but he’s also a BJJ black . Hunt has improved his ground game, and has showed that in his recent run, but there’s no doubt the Brazilian will have a clear cut advantage on the floor.

JDS may have faster feet and hands, but all it will take for Hunt is to land one or two good shots and the Cinderella Man like sega will continue.

The bout will co-headline the May 25th, UFC 160 card, which will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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