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White Says Belfort Title Shot “Makes Sense”

Vitor Belfort

After Vitor Belfort sent the MMA world into hysterics Saturday with his thrilling win over Luke Rockhold it’s hard to imagine the UFC not giving the vet another crack at the middleweight belt, and now Dana White has acknowledged the promotion is considering it.

According to a report from MMA, White was quoted saying at a pre-fight, UFC 160 event yesterday:

“It would make sense for [Anderson Silva¬†and¬†Chris Weidman] fight, and that’s not far away. Those two fight, and we see what happens, or Vitor could fight again. I don’t know. But he could fight either one of those guys.”

The UFC President noted that nothing’s confirmed, however, and also added that the promotion will look to have Belfort fight in the U.S., even though it’s believed the Nevada commission may not clear the middleweight for TRT. White said that the idea they’ve been having Belfort fight in Brazil lately, due to his TRT, is a “conspiracy theory crock of s–t.” Nothing unclear about that.

One could posit that maybe White is stopping short of guaranteeing Belfort a title shot next, because if Silva defeats Weidman on July 6th, the promotion could be hoping to book him for a superfight with Jon Jones. The light-heavyweight champ wants to defend his belt one more time this fall, but after that, anything’s possible.


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