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Bob Reilly Confirms He’s An Idiot With Latest MMA Attack

I hate to editorialize so heavily, but some things are just too absurdly ignorant and annoying to tackle more tactfully. New York State Assemblyman Bob Reilly recently spoke to MMA Weekly about why he is voting no on the bill to legalize mixed martial arts in New York.

Check out this gem:

“I think that [MMA] basically is a glorification of violence, but it certainly promotes violence. In itself, I think it’s a very brutal sport that creates, obviously, physical harm to the participants, and I don’t think there’s any other sport who’s purpose is to harm your opponent. But we know that in mixed martial arts, that, in fact, is one of the purposes.”

Wow. I can understand if this Reilly fella is a bit old and out of touch with what exactly MMA is all about, but to state in a recorded conversation that no other sport involves purposefully harming an opponent is beyond moronic. I wonder if Bob Reilly has ever heard of that crazy new fangled boxing they’re always talking about on the radio. In fact, boxing has been regulated in New York for quite some time and if I’m not mistaken, in boxing your best bet is to knock out your opponent, which has got to harm them just a little bit, right Bob?

I won’t even get into tearing apart the portion where Reilly actually says that MMA in New York would hurt the economy, but you can peruse it for yourself if you feel like a good laugh. I suppose news like this is a friendly reminder that regardless of how amazing and popular a spectacle mixed martial arts has become, there are still plenty of decision makers out there whose ignorance only derails the sports budding progress.


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