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Hendricks: GSP’s “Never Faced Somebody Like Me”

Kelsey Mowatt

Johny Hendricks

Johny Hendricks does not have a bout agreement signed for a fight with Georges St. Pierre yet, but now that it appears certain he’ll fight the welterweight champ next, look for the pre-fight rhetoric to start picking up.

Case in point, while speaking to MMA Radio recently, Hendricks was asked by a caller about the possibility of St. Pierre out wrestling him when they finally meet (as GSP has been known to do that). The highly decorated wrestler, and in this case Hendricks truly, truly is, responded by saying:

“I’m not going to say [St-Pierre is] never going to take me down,” Hendricks said. “But GSP’s said this for years: ‘You’ve never faced somebody like me.’ Well, guess what, you’ve never faced somebody like me. I’ve got knockout power, I’m stronger than anybody he’s faced so far, and my wrestling is better than anybody he’s faced so far.”

If you’re inclined to agree with Hendricks, then the key words there have to be “so far”, as clearly GSP has defeated a noted and powerful wrestler before (twice) in Josh Koscheck. Hendricks also noted that he took Carlos Condit down more times in three rounds than St. Pierre did in his five round affair with Condit last year. So, there’s that too.

In terms of when Hendricks is hoping to fight GSP, the 15-1 fighter said he would like the bout to take place between October and December. With June nearly upon us, and the fall schedule approaching fast, that’s a likely time frame.

Stay tuned to MMA for more on this story and other UFC news as it develops.


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