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Healy: “I’m Happy To Work My Way Up”

Pat Healy

It’s been a couple of weeks since the MMA world was rocked by the news Pat Healy’s submission win over Jim Miller at UFC 159 is a wash-out, as a result of him testing positive for marijuana. While the news, and the fact Healy was stripped of $130,000 in bonus money, has reignited the debate regarding suspensions and fines that are tied to marijuana use, it remains to be seen how Healy bounces back from this setback.

Since Healy released a statement announcing he had failed his post fight drug test, we hadn’t heard much from the gritty vet, until yesterday when he appeared on The MMA Hour. In keeping with the tone of his earlier statement, Healy continued to take responsibility for his actions, notingĀ “I wish I could blame someone else, but it’s my own fault. It’s my own bad choices.”

Of course, it will be interesting to see who the UFC matches Healy up next, as no contest aside, he did choke out one of the world’s best lightweight fighters. Healy currently is ranked ninth in the promotion’s lightweight division.

“I don’t know where I stand, if it’s going to drop me quite a bit,” Healy said. “I just want to get back there as soon as I can, if it’s the middle of the pack, it is what it is, I’m happy to work my way up and put in a performance that gets people to forget about this fiasco.”

It’s hard to imagine Dana White and Joe Silva thinking Healy should face someone outside the top ten ranks because of this misstep. Based off Healy’s recent performances, putting him up against a significantly lower ranked fighter would just be a mismatch anyways.

Oh, and as far as Bryan Caraway, who was handed “Submission of the Night” after Healy was stripped of the award and proceeded to criticize pot use in general, the vet isn’t holding a grudge. Healy said Caraway is a “good guy” who “doesn’t think about what he’s saying 100 percent through” when he’s talking to the media…


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