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Serra: Weidman A “Different Animal” Than Sonnen

Kelsey Mowatt

Matt Serra

If you’re one of the fans that greeted the Anderson Silva-Chris Weidman bout announcement with “meh”, since the middleweight champ has already defeated one of the sport’s best wrestlers in Chael Sonnen twice before, UFC vet Matt Serra says you’re in for a big surprise.

Now granted, since Serra is one of Weidman’s coaches, it’s a not a shocker to hear him predicting the undefeated middleweight is going to upset the champion at UFC 162. While speaking on the latest edition of The MMA Hour, however, Serra did raise some interesting points in terms of why Weidman could be a big threat to Silva’s now legendary reign.

“He’s a unique individual, Chris,” he said. “He’s really talented and I think … people point to the Demian Maia fight. That’s literally without a camp. That’s not done. Nobody does that. It’s not even like he had a fight the next week and switched opponents. The guy didn’t have a camp. He got off the couch and did that. It’s not like he’s a slob but he’s not in fighting shape. He’s going to look human. Look when he has a full camp. The guy’s a monster. You look at the guy closest to him. Pople say about Chris, they compare him to Chael [Sonnen] or whatever. I believe Chris is a different animal. I really do. I’ve witnessed it. I think he’s going to do phenomenal.”

Weidman was able to hand Maia, one of the planet’s best jiu-jitsu practitioners, a UD loss in that condition, so it will be fascinating to see whether the all-star wrestler will be able to pass Silva’s guard if he takes the champ down. If Sonnen had been able to regularly pass Silva’s guard in their first two encounters, maybe things would have been different?

Serra also discussed his recent announcement that his fighting days are likely over, as after having a rib removed last month, the former welterweight champ has decided it’s probably time to call it quits.

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