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Chuck Liddell: “I Would Beat” Anderson Silva

Chuck Liddell

If you were looking for a way to raise your eyebrows rather strenuously today, then recent comments from legendary light-heavyweight Chuck Liddell may just do the trick. Of course, considering Liddell’s storied career, memorable fights, and unique personality, it won’t be the first or last time.

According to a report from Fighters Only Magazine, Liddell was in Brazil for the UFC’s most recent FX card, and the retired, 43 year-old fighter was reportedly asked about a theoretical bout between himself and reigning pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva. Liddell answered:

“I would beat him, I always said that I would. I have the advantage in weight and height, so it would be more likely that I would beat him. But Anderson is one of my favorite fighters.”

Wow. Now, one would assume Liddell is talking about the in-his-prime “Iceman”, who laid waste to the UFC light-heavyweight division from 2004 through 2007. That Liddell had an iron chin, great takedown defense and some of the most ferocious punching power the sport’s ever seen. Would he have had the hand speed and movement to catch Silva in his prime? (And considering what this version of Silva is able to do at 38 that’s a pretty terrifying thought) We’ll never know. Yes, he would have the advantage in size, but still…Maybe repping it out in UFC Undisputed a few dozen times will give you an idea.

Apparently Liddell was also asked about what would go down between him and Chael Sonnen. “The Iceman” apparently responded with “Sonnen has nothing to offer me.” And there you have it.

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