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Silva: “We Have To Respect Weidman”

Chris Weidman

If you’ve calmed down now that Dana White and Anderson Silva’s camp are denying that the champ is injured, we can return to analyzing his upcoming July 6th bout with rising star Chris Weidman. After all, until we’re all told something different, Silva is going to face what many critics believe is going to a tough test at UFC 162.

Of course, it wasn’t long ago that Silva’s representatives weren’t exactly thrilled about the prospect of facing Weidman, due to the fact that the middleweight isn’t one of the sport’s biggest names yet. That, coupled with the fact that we’re talking about a champion who’s won 17 straight fights, has maybe led to the perception that Silva isn’t particularly worried about Weidman.

While speaking to MMA yesterday, however, Silva had this to say about the decorated wrestler and undefeated fighter.

“We have to respect Weidman,” Silva said through an interpreter. “He’s won some fights, and he’s proven himself to be where he is. He’s 10 years younger, and he’s going to come in with a lot of cardio – a lot of power – and try to grapple, I’m sure. We’ve got to respect him. He’s won some fights.”

He has won some fights, and some might say Weidman’s KO victory over Mark Munoz counts as two victories, because it was just that impressive. Although Silva credited the 28 year-old fighter for his abilities, and mentioned that Weidman is 10 years younger, the superstar isn’t worried about the age discrepancy. Silva cited the fact he’s been training since he was 8, and that he works out with training partners who are as young as 20, as reasons why it “doesn’t really make a difference.”

Stay tuned to MMA for more UFC 162 news as the event nears.


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