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UFC Considering Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Kelsey Mowatt

Dana White

While talk of the UFC’s next mega event has largely been tied to Cowboys Stadium in Dallas as of  late, or a soccer stadium in Brazil, it looks as though a new contender has thrown it’s hat into the ring, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Yes, according to a report from the Las Vegas Journal Review, the racetrack’s President Stephen Powell recently approached the UFC about the possibility of the promotion holding an event at the speedway.

Sure, it may not sound like your typical venue for a MMA card, but since it can seat over 130,000 people, you can understand why the UFC would consider it. If only half that many people showed up that would still break the North American attendance record for a MMA card. That record was sent in April, 2011, when approximately 55,000 people jammed into Toronto’s Roger Centre to watch UFC 129 (and Georges St. Pierre score a unanimous decision win over Jake  Shields). That card brought in a gate of $12,000,000. Not 1.2 million, 12 million…

The Review asked UFC President Dana White to comment on the Motor Speedway’s proposal, and the ZUFFA exec relayed:

“I like it. It would be cool as hell, and we have a few fights coming up that could pull it off.”

The speedway is apparently interested in hosting an event as soon as this September, which is also one of the driest months in Las Vegas, and thus, there would be less chance of rain spoiling the show. Of course, since the venue is so massive, they would have to bring in plenty of big screen panels to show the fights. The report states that they would also construct a temporary bowl in the speedway’s infield to give fans a better view of the cage. One should hope so, yes.

It would be a pretty historical event if it takes place at some juncture. Just think of the kind of card the UFC would have to put together to move that many tickets?


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