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“Mayhem” Miller: “I Feel Free”

Kelsey Mowatt


UFC veteran Jason “Mayhem” Miller was back on the latest edition of “The MMA Hour” Monday, and while the 32 year-old was his usual entertaining and over-the-top self, the segment was not like the now famous “Lucky Patrick” appearance that went down last October. Instead, Miller covered many different subjects that were raised by host Ariel Helwani, ranging from his memorable bout with Japanese legend Kazushi Sakuraba, a 2002 tilt he had with Chael Sonnen, to some of his first, underground fights. Although Miller hasn’t fought since last May, when he lost by unanimous decision to CB Dollaway at UFC 146 , it doesn’t sound like the skilled grappler is thinking about making a comeback. While discussing his life as a retired MMA fighter, Miller noted:

Look, I completely lived, ate and breathed MMA for 15 years. I can eat now, I can drink a beer if I feel like it. I feel free. I can be ‘Mayhem.’

Another reason Miller isn’t likely exploring a return to the cage anytime soon, as the former TUF coach revealed that he still needs surgery to repair his left knee.

[The UFC] pretended they were going to give me the surgery, and they started acting like they were going to fix my leg. They went back and they dragged it out until my insurance coverage expired. So I couldn’t get the surgery. … Same one I hurt in the fight. If you’re walking around with no ACL for one year, Kobe Bryant is a p***y…. I’m walking around like the hunchback of Notre Dame over there. That’s the problem. I got so used to ignoring pain over the years from doing the job that I did, and that is a bit of genetics because my dad’s done the same thing, then, try to work out? Nope.

Miller also told  a caller that the one fight he regrets never having booked was a tilt with Nick Diaz, due to their well documented rivalry. Although interestingly, “Mayhem” went on to say that he relates to some of the objections Diaz has raised in recent months, in terms of how the fighter believes he was promoted and portrayed. It’s always an interesting interview when “Mayhem’s” involved.


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