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“Rampage”: Bellator Deal Will Lead to “Big Change”

Kelsey Mowatt


As everyone expected, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has wound up on his feet following the end of his UFC run early this year, and it’s also not surprising to see that the MMA star is already signing the praises of his new deal with Bellator. You may recall that the 34 year-old vet didn’t have many kind words for UFC officials when he exited from the promotion, and Jackson wasn’t shy about the fact he felt that the UFC was neither treating him or paying him fairly.

Just hours after news of Jackson’s Bellator deal surfaced, the former UFC light-heavyweight champ has relayed to that he’s pretty happy with the agreement he’s signed.

“When you look at my deal in the UFC, and the scope of what my deal with Bellator and TNA is, this is a dream come true.”

“When other fighters get the chance to see everything I’m able to do with this deal and the benefits it provides, you’re going to see a big change in MMA. I guarantee it.”

The story didn’t include any specific details and Bellator is scheduled to hold a press conference tomorrow, although, no financial specifics will likely be disclosed there either. The new deal also includes a reality show for Jackson apparently, so one would think that’s another key way the fighter could line his pockets.

So, clearly because of Jackson’s relationship with the UFC, one might be tempted to take this all with a grain of salt. It’s all worth noting that Jackson has probably inked a pretty sweet deal because he’s still one of the sport’s biggest names and personalities, even if he’s coming off three consecutive losses.

Regardless of how lucrative the contract really is, Bellator has had a solid week now signing one of the sport’s top prospects in Bubba Jenkins, UFC vet John Alessio and now “Rampage”. In addition, Bellator is getting some much needed positive spin, at a time when it, and it’s contracts, have received plenty of negative coverage due to the ongoing legal battle with Eddie Alvarez.

So how long will it be before “Rampage” and “King Mo” Lawal throw down in the Bellator cage?


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