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“Rampage” Jackson Considering Heavyweight

Kelsey Mowatt


“Rampage” Jackson and Bellator held a press conference today in Los Angeles to further outline the new deal the former UFC star has signed with the promotion. While most people were likely expecting Jackson to diss his former employer, considering the two didn’t split on good terms, they probably didn’t think they would hear Jackson is considering a move to heavyweight? Well, apparently the former light-heavyweight champ is.

In a report from MMA about today’s presser, the 34 year-old Jackson was quoted saying:

“I’m thinking of heavyweight because I’m getting older now. I want to start smashing some big guys.”

It’s an interesting comment from the 6’1 tall Jackson, considering his lengthy run at light-heavyweight and ┬áthat the promotion’s heavyweight champion is the 6’7 Alexander Volkov (and the champ before that was the massive Cole Konrad). But hey, if “Rampage” is looking for a challenge and thinks its the right move at this stage, then Bellator is probably on board.

Jackson also revealed at the press conference that his new deal, which includes work with TNA Impact Wrestling and his own reality TV show, allows him to take on acting roles. The outgoing fighter also added his contention, not surprisingly, that the agreement’s structure could prompt other UFC fighter to sign with Bellator.

No specific details were reportedly announced regarding when Jackson will make his promotional debut, however, due to a knee injury he’s recovering from it will probably take place at the end of the year. Bellator also hasn’t decided whether Jackson’s first bout will take place in the tournament format.

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