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Connecticut and Canada Pass MMA Legislation

Connecticut and Canada Pass MMA Legislation

MMA received good news on the legislation front today as Connecticut and Canada both passed legislation that made MMA legal within their borders.

While both entities have hosted MMA events within their borders, they were restricted to tribal lands or specific provinces within Canada. Today’s legislation passed easy in Canada’s House of Commons, with a vote of 267-9. The legislation is Canada’s first change to the section of the Criminal Code that governs combat sports since 1934.

The changes will affect all combat sports, including MMA, Karate, and Taekwondo. The bill is expected to aid the sports spread to all parts of Canada.

In Connecticut, which had previously only had MMA events at the Mohegan Sun, legislation passed that will make the state the 49th state in the US to pass legislation regarding MMA. A vote count was unavailable at the time this article was written.

The lone holdout to MMA is still New York, where lobbying efforts have prevented the sport from being legalized in the state. While their was originally optimism that a bill could pass this year, it seems that optimism has dimmed in recent weeks.


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