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Henderson Says Jones “Is Not Genuine”

Kelsey Mowatt

Jon jones

Dan Henderson may have lost his chance to fight Jon Jones last fall due to injury, and set his title shot hopes back by losing to Lyoto Machida (if you already forgot about that fight it’s understandable), but that doesn’t mean the 42 year-old legend doesn’t still want a crack at the light-heavyweight champ. After all, prior to the UFC 151 disaster, the internet was awash with speculation as to whether Henderson and is booming right hand could bring Jones’ run to an end.

Henderson is of course preparing to fight former champ Rashad Evans at UFC 161 next weekend, but in a recent interview with MMA, the Temecula fighter breathed new life into the Jones-Henderson narrative.

“I’d like to fight Jon Jones more than I’d like to fight Anderson Silva,” said Henderson. “Just because I have less respect for him as a person than Anderson. He’s not genuine. I think how he portrays himself is not how he really is. I think the fans have picked up on how he really is, as well.”

According to Henderson, Jones is the way he isĀ “because he’s young and he got catapulted into the public eye” and that he “should just be himself.” Regardless of whether you agree with Hendo’s assessment, there’s no doubt the champion became a huge star at a really young age.

What really matters in all this, of course, is whether Henderson will fight Jones before the vet bring his storied career to a close. At 42, Henderson is running out of time, and recent events haven’t done him any favors in terms of a title shot. While Jones will likely fight Alexander Gustafsson next, and the UFC wants him for a super fight, Hendo could get back into the mix if he bombs out Evans and a few chips fall his way in the next year.

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