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UFC on FUEL TV 10 Play-by-Play

UFC on FUEL TV 10 Play-by-Play

MMAFrenzy’s coverage of UFC on FUEL TV 10 rolls along with our play-by-play of tonight’s main card. Be sure to refresh often for the latest updates and live scoring from tonight’s FUEL TV fight card.

Coverage will begin around 9PM ET.

Jason High vs. Erick Silva

Rd. 1- Tap of gloves and we’re underway. Front kick by High is partially caught and we have a scramble. Silva takes High’s back and High tries to work out the back door but is caught in a triangle and that’s it as High is forced to tap.

Erick Silva def. Jason High via submission (triangle) at 1:11 of Round 1

Rafael Cavalcante vs. Thiago Silva

Rd. 1- No touch of gloves in this one. Feijao looking to land early as Silva evades. Feijao is launching bombs and just missing right now. Legkick by Silva. Big Right hook to left hook by Feijao. Jab by Silva. Feijao evades a big combo by Silva. Jab by Feijao. Spinning attack by Feijao and a big combo just misses. Nice counter hook by Silva and he doubles up on the legkicks. Silva waves Feijao on and lands a big combo. Big punches rock a gassed Feijao and that’s it. Silva celebrates and flicks off his downed opponent.

Thiago Silva def. Rafael Cavalcante via KO (strikes) at 4:29 of Round 1

TUF: Brazil 2 Tournament Final: Leonardo Santos vs. William Macario

Rd. 1- Fighters feeling each other out early. Macario controls the clinch agains the cage and Santos briefly tries to reach for a guillotine but there’s nothing there. Fighters break and Santos lands a body shot. Santos tries a trip from the clinch but he ends up being taken down himself. Macario lands some shots and stands to pass but cannot get it and blasts away with Santos in a deep half guard. Macario stands again and Santos uses his legs to control distance. Santos stands but Macario keeps him in the clinch. Santos misses a takedown and a scramble ensues with the fighters ending up in a banana split position as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Macario.

Rd. 2- Fighters are exchanging early and end up in the clinch briefly. Nice knee by Santos after an exchange. Macario seems to be the more tired fighter but lands a takedown. Santos gets back up and goes for a takedown. Macario blatantly grabs the cage and uses it to reverse. Ref stands them up but no point taken. Big strikes by Santos but again he clinches. Santos finally lands his trip takedown and moves into mount. Big elbows by Santos from the top and as Macario looks to give up his back he ends up caught in a loose arm-triangle. Santos tightens it up and it is all over.

Leonardo Santos def. William Macario via submission (arm-triangle  choke) at 4:43 of Round 2 

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Fabricio Werdum

Rd. 1- Mario Yamasaki is tonight’s referee. Touch of gloves and we’re off. Hard legkicks by Werdum to start the fight. Big Nog rocks Werdum but Werdum slams Nog down with a big takedown. Werdum uses his superior BJJ to scramble into a good position and lands some ground and pound. Nog finally up after another BJJ scramble. Big Nog controls the clinch agains the cage briefly but Werdum reverses out and breaks away. Flurry of punches by Nog but they aren’t really landing. High kick by Werdum against the cage. Nice uppercut by Nog against the cage but he is reversed and Werdum with a powerful knee with a minute left. Takedown attempt by Werdum is stuffed. Nog has a body lock but is taking damage as he cannot use it to get the takedown as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Werdum.

Rd. 2- Legkick by Werdum to start the second and he lands multiple kicks before making Nog chase. Wild exchange that neither fighter really gets the better of and Nog collar ties against the cage. Nog tries a guillotine against the fence but Werdum easily rebuts it and gets back into a deep half before scrambling to side control and then taking Big Nog’s back. Armbar attempt by Werdum and it is deep. Looks like a verbal submission and that’s a wrap.

Fabricio Werdum def. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira via verbal submission (armbar) at 2:41 of Round 2

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