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UFC 161: Woodley Says “Feed Me To The Wolves”

Tyron Woodley

To say things went pretty well in Tyron Woodley’s Octagon debut is a bit of an understatement, and following that 36 second knockout of Jay Hieron at UFC 156, the welterweight is probably hoping for a similar performance versus Jake Shields at UFC 161 (who wouldn’t be right?). While “I just follow UFC”  fans may have been oblivious to what Woodley has accomplished in his MMA career to date, it wasn’t long ago that the renowned wrestler was working his way up the Strikeforce ranks, until he ran into Nate Marquardt last July.

In other words,  there have been big expectations tied to Woodley for some time now, and the 31 year-old has been matching them. So, in a recent interview with Bleacher Report, it’s not surprising to read comments like the following from Woodley.

“I think I’m ready, man. I don’t need to be powdered up. I’ve asked for tough fights on purpose. Feed me to the wolves. I already know who they are. It’s not like they have some secret animal they are going to unleash inside the cage. I already know who the wolves are in the welterweight division and I’m ready to fight any of them.”

This is also rhetoric, one should point out,  that’s very in keeping with a man who’s nickname is “The Chosen One”.

Of course, in Shields, Woodley will take on a man who not that long ago was considered to be a legitimate threat to the reign of Georges St. Pierre. Shields may not possess a fighting style that thrills striking fans, but if he puts you on your back, it’s often a wrap. Woodley noted that Shields is a “true specialist”, but that “at the end of the day”, he believes his well rounded skill set will win out (emphasis on the takedown defense).

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