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UFC 161 Davis vs. Sexton Recap

Rosi Sexton

UFC 161’s second fight of the fight featured a matchup of talented women’s division fighters as Alexis Davis faced off with Rosi Sexton. The two WMMA fighters put on a technical display of MMA in bout that showed why women were brought into the UFC. In the end, Davis would get the hard fought victory tonight in Winnipeg.

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Davis Defeats Sexton

Alexis Davis got all she could handle from Rosi Sexton tonight in her native Canada. Davis would have multiple attempts to finish the bout but Sexton would battle out each time. The second round was the most decisive of the fight, as Davis was able to take Sexton’s back and blast away with punches. Davis would again gain control on the ground in the third frame, using her BJJ blackbelt to prevent Sexton from ever settling in enough no matter how good her position seemed.

The victory marks Davis’ first in the Octagon as she becomes the first Canadian woman to win in the UFC. The loss snap’s Sexton’s three fight win streak but the English fighter by no means sullied her reputation as one of the world’s best WMMA flyweights.


Rd. 1- Herb Dean is our official. Quick exchanges early by both fighters. These two are really getting after it early. Nice right by Sexton. Davis locks up the Thai clinch and begins landing nice knees here. Davis switches to an underhook and then to a body lock. Nice knee by Davis. Sexton breaks free and connects with a combo. takedown attempt by Sexton and Davis briefly has her back but Sexton seizes control of her hips and gains the takedown. Davis immediately attacks with a triangle but it is locked on the foot and not the ankle, which allows Sexton to stay busy with punches. Gotta give it to Sexton due to the damage she did in the triangle. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Sexton.

Rd. 2- Davis working the jab to start off the round. Hard right by Sexton here. Davis with a big knee but Sexton grabs the clinch and lands a weak hiptoss to side control. Davis hip escapes to half-guard and then attacks the legs to sweep. Davis in Sexton’s guard now. Elbows and punches by Davis now as Sexton tries to control guard. Davis with big shots now as Sexton tries to roll for a leglock but gives up her back. Knees to the body by Davis now. Davis is trying a no-hooks RNC but gives it up to sink the hooks. Davis flattens her out and is teeing off with 0:22 left in the round. Big finish to the round by Davis. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-8 Davis (19-18).

Rd. 3- Sexton comes out firing but is not connecting. Davis with a long jab. Davis with a double and pulls guard off the miss. Sexton tries to shin choke but Davis beautifully uses a leg attack to sweep to Sexton’s back. Punches by Davis but Sexton rotates out and eventually works into Davis’ guard. Davis is attacking from the bottom with strikes as Sexton tries to posture. Sexton with body shots as Davis works for a sweep. Davis attacks a leg but Sexton passes it to take her back. Davis with a beautiful rotation and she’s in Sexton’s guard. Punches by Davis and she stands but Sexton with some nasty upkicks as the round ends. MMAFrenzy scores the final frame 10-9 Davis for a 29-27 victory.

Alexis Davis def. Rosi Sexton via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-28)


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