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10 Worst Performances by UFC 161 Fighters

Of all the fights on the list, this was definitely the most entertaining. The reason why it is on this list is that Barry knocked Cro Cop down twice and failed to follow him to the ground (we know Barry’s ground game sucks, but one more clean shot could have ended it). And then he was finished with a rear-naked-choke with NO HOOKS IN. You could just hear the jiu-jitsu masters around the world cringe. Photo Credit: MMAWeekly

These are the worst performances put on by the fighters participating in UFC 161 tonight in Winnipeg, Canada.  I will limit this list to UFC fights only, and concentrate, for the most part, on the more popular fighters.  It will contain the most boring, confusing and/or lackluster performances put on by some of the fighters participating in tonight’s action.  This is not to say that most all of these fighters have not had great moments in the octagon.  These are just the low points.  Without further ado here is the list, in order, of the 10 worst performances from tonight’s fighters.


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