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UFC 161: Miocic Dominates Nelson

Stipe Miocic

UFC 161’s co-main event of the evening featured a heavyweight clash between Roy Nelson and Stipe Miocic. In the end, the bout came down to the technical boxing of Miocic against the wild power of Nelson, with the Cleveland-native prevailing in Winnipeg.

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Miocic Dominates Nelson

The co-main event bout was never close tonight as Stipe Miocic dominated Roy Nelson tonight in Manitoba. Miocic used superior footwork, boxing, and wrestling to completely control Nelson for three rounds. Miocic bounces back from the first loss of his career last fall against Stefan Struve with the win tonight in Canada.

The Cleveland-native is now 4-1 in the Octagon and is poised for a big future after the win. The loss creates a huge conundrum for Nelson, who was aiming to create a bidding war following the completion of his current UFC contract tonight. The dominating nature of the loss likely cost the fighter in more than one way tonight.


Rd. 1- Miocic is moving to the right avoid Nelson’s big right but lands some shots of his own. Slick right by Miocic lands flush. Nelson is swinging for the fences while Miocic picks away. Nelson backs up Miocic with a glancing big right and eats a wicked combo by Miocic. Nelson fakes a takedown but eats a wicked left by Miocic. Nice combos by Miocic and he has Nelson wobbled. Nelson tries a takedown and Stipe shucks it off and lands some shots but lets Nelson up. Miocic ducks a big left by Nelson and scores a takedown but lets Nelson up again. Miocic is controlling range beautifully. Nelson is getting crushed by Miocic now. Wow. Nelson grabs the clinch to hold on.  Great first by Miocic and Nelson clearly hurting in the corner. MMAFrenzy has a dominant 10-9 for Miocic.

Rd. 2- Nelson looked terrible inbetween rounds and Miocic is picking up where he left off now. Stiff jabs by Miocic. Nelson rushes and misses badly. Miocic tags him and he is destroying Roy right now with punches and a big legkick to punctuate the combo. Miocic controls the clinch and throws a elbow on the exit. Body kick by Miocic. Another right by Miocic. Wicked legkick by Miocic. Miocic eats a punch and lands a vicious combo. Miocic fakes another takedown and lands again. Uppercut by Nelson. Vicious combinations by Miocic to answer. Miocic is using these half shots to prevent Roy from settling in. Nelson’s punches are really losing steam and he gets tagged again as Miocic ties him up. Nelson just walks towards Miocic with his hands down as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has another dominant 10-9 Miocic.

Rd. 3- Nelson again looks terrible between rounds. Miocic with another combo. Clean right by Miocic. Wicked jabs by Miocic. Nelson throws a combo but again misses. Miocic is just picking Nelson apart. Nelson tries to land by Miocic again escapes. Counter right by Nelson finally lands. Miocic commits on a takedown this time and gets it. Nelson gets back up and Miocic immediately locks him up against the cage. Ref separates them quickly. Nelson attacks and again Miocic evades. Big combo by Miocic. Nelson gets backed up and gets rocked again. Miocic clinches against the cage and they separate with 0:30 left. Miocic with another blistering combo and Nelson is done as the round ends. Absolutely dominating performance by Miocic, fight was never close. MMAFrenzy has it 30-27 Miocic.

Stipe Miocic def. Roy Nelson via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)


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