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Woodley Believes “100%” He Beat Shields

Kelsey Mowatt

Tyron Woodley

So, UFC 161 may not have turned out to be one of the best cards in recent memory, unless of course you love decisions, and  then debating them for several days afterwards. Of course, aside from the headliner that saw Rashad Evans squeak by Dan Henderson with a split ruling from the judges, Jake Shields pulled off an upset by handing former Strikeforce contender Tyron Woodley a split decision loss. Not surprisingly, Woodley doesn’t believe the upset should have happened.

While speaking to about the controversial bout, Woodley relayed the following about the fight, which most folks will try to forget about soon.

“I said he wasn’t going to take me down and I meant that. He tried 18 times; he got zero takedowns. From a statistics standpoint I was pretty overwhelmed with the fact that I was 64% on punching, I kicked him and dropped him to the ground twice, and I spinning back fisted him and he got zero takedowns. For me, I would have liked to throw more punches.”

“Do I believe I won the fight? 100%,  but as a person that’s been petitioning and hunting down a world title,  that type of performance for myself, I have to be able to let it go no matter if it’s Jake Shields or who it is. I made him miss so many punches; I just want to watch the video again, he missed almost 80% of his punches.”

If you had told someone that heading into UFC 161, Shields would become only the second man to defeat Woodley to date, and further, he would do so without securing one takedown, you’re knowledge of the sport may have been questioned. Of course, in his post-fight interview with MMA, Shields also relayed why he thought he won the fight. Regardless of whether you agree with the decision, it’s a huge victory for Shields.

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