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UFC 161: Barry’s Manager Says Eye Poke Led to Loss

Pat Barry

UFC 161 already produced two controversial split decision wins, and now, Pat Barry’s manager is arguing that his client’s stoppage loss to Shawn Jordan came as a result of an illegal eye poke. Perhaps the post UFC 161 discussion has just begun?

Jordan appeared to land a couple of uppercuts which sent Barry reeling into the Octagon fence, and then after a barrage of follow up punches, the fight was stopped at the 59 second mark. In a follow up report with Bleacher Report, however, Barry’s manager, Brian Butler from Suckerpunch Entertainment stated:

“This was set to be a great fight, and what most people didn’t see was that this stoppage was due to an eye gouge Pat received from an uppercut. The strikes themselves did not cause Pat to go down.  He took a thumb directly into his eyeball and turtles up to protect it.  Unfortunately, the ref did not have the angle I saw it (at), and the fight was stopped.”

Butler says photos and video footage from the fight indicate that Jordan’s thumb jabbed the heavyweight’s eye. Butler also added that he’s trying to bring attention to the alleged foul without Barry’s request, as the outgoing fighter does not want to make excuses for the loss. Barry recently released a video which showed his damaged eye, but he does not make any comment during it regarding an eye poke.

Suckerpunch Entertainment has not decided yet as to whether it will launch an official appeal with the Winnipeg commission. Let the debate begin.

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