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UFC on FOX 8: Ellenberger Expects to be #1 Contender

Rory MacDonald

If you’re not excited about the upcoming, July 27th bout between Jake Ellenberger and Rory MacDonald you should be, as not only are both men two of the promotion’s best welterweights, but it appears they’re developing a healthy dislike for one another. In case you missed it, the two recently engaged in a Twitter war that included MacDonald questioning Ellenberger’s chin, and the latter blasting Rory’s linguistic prowess. Pure gold.

Another reason fans should be pumped about the UFC on FOX 8 match-up is because there’s a lot riding on it. Case in point, in a recent interview with Rebellion Media’s Rick Lee, Ellenberger relayed:

“I was told when I signed this fight with Rory MacDonald that it was going to be the number one contender fight, which is exactly why I signed it. Regardless of who the name is, you could have put any name in there and I would have signed the contract. That’s the only reason I’m in the sport, fighting for that title, and I don’t want to waste my time. After the fight with Rory I will be the number one contender.”

Of course, the news that the fight could determine who will challenge the winner of this fall’s Georges St. Pierre-Johny Hendricks bout shouldn’t come as huge surprise. Ellenberger is currently ranked #4 by the UFC, and MacDonald is positioned at #3. The #2 ranked welterweight is Carlos Condit, but considering he’s coming off losses to GSP and Hendricks, he likely needs a couple of big wins before he gets another crack (he’ll fight Martin Kampmann on August 31st).

While a win for either Ellenberger or MacDonald would be huge that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll fight for the belt next. If Hendricks were to beat GSP, the promotion might decided to give him a rematch, depending on how the fight goes down. Then there’s also the fact that GSP and MacDonald are teammates. So, things could get pretty interesting if both men win their next fight.

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