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UFC’s Ratner “Disappointed” After Latest NY Setback

UFC’s Ratner “Disappointed” After Latest NY Setback

Hopes that a UFC card could be heading to Madison Square Garden soon have been dashed once again, as word has come down that for the fourth straight year, a bill to legalize MMA in New York will not be voted on. According to a report from the New York Daily News,  after a lengthy debate, the Democrat Conference has decided the bill will not be brought to the State Assembly floor. The legislative session for 2013 ends this week.

Although it’s more frustrating and bad news for the MMA community, the political will to sanction the sport is growing. That said, with Connecticut having passed legislation to legalize MMA, New York is the last remaining state to get on board. The UFC has played a big role in trying to open the New York to pro MMA, and when asked by RM Sports about the latest setback, UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner stated:

“We’re very disappointed but not surprised. I know if the bill was able to get to the Assembly floor we had the votes. New York open for business is a slogan I see on television but not for MMA. We’ll be back next year and keep   up the fight. Thanks for your support. This is a Don Quiote tilting at windmills saga!”

The fight shall undoubtedly continue, and sooner or later, pro MMA in New York will become a reality. The question is when?

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