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Kenda Perez Big Fan of Featherweights and Bantamweights

Kenda Perez

Thanks to the “Best of PRIDE Fighting Championships” series that airs on FUEL TV, fans that never got to watch the defunct promotion during its heyday have been able to fill a gaping hole in their lives. Not only does the program showcase some of the greatest and most historic bouts ever, but it’s also hosted by the beautiful Kenda Perez, which doesn’t hurt ratings either.

Recently Rick Lee of RM Sports caught up with Perez, and talked to the model and host about MMA, and which UFC fighters are some of her favorites to watch.

“Some of the fighters I like to watch in the UFC, Anderson Silva is of course a huge favorite for everyone. He’s just very entertaining. Jon Jones has become a really entertaining guy to watch as well. I really enjoy watching the featherweights and bantamweights now that they’ve joined into the UFC and they’ve gotten rid of the WEC. Just really, quick, fast paced fights and a lot of stuff you don’t see from the heavyweights. So, that’s always fun to watch.”

Can’t take issue with that response, and it’s cool to see her giving featherweights and bantamweights their due credit (and she probably was thinking flyweights too). Yes, you don’t always get to see as many brutal KOs in the lighter weight divisions, or so the narrative says, but you also don’t typically see fighters gasping for air after three minutes either.

Now if this question was about favorites of all time, and with PRIDE in the mix, you would have to throw Kazushi Sakuraba and Fedor Emelianenko in there no?

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