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Boetsch Says Weidman Needs “Little More Experience”

tim boetsch

Dana White has said that all the fighter’s he’s talked too are picking Chris Weidman to beat Anderson Silva at UFC 162, but the UFC President apparently hasn’t chatted to Tim Boetsch about the bout. The middleweight vet, who is scheduled to fight Mark Munoz that same July 6th night, recently told MMA that he doesn’t think the reign of Silva will be ending anytime soon.

“I’m happy for Chris that he got what he asked for, but I think he’s going to find out he should have taken a little more time to get there, a little more experience. It would be a surprise for me if he won.”

“I think Weidman has the tools to do it, but with the experience and Anderson just being the greatest fighter in the world, I think he’s going to hang onto that title for a little bit longer until I get there to take it away from him.”

Interesting insights, as well as a nicely placed self promotional quote from “The Barbarian”, who will be looking to rebound from the stoppage loss he suffered versus Costa Philippou at UFC 155. Boetsch’s point regarding experience is certainly a good one to raise, as while Weidman is a highly decorated wrestler who has been drawing rave reviews for his evolution as a fighter, he is just nine bouts into his pro career. If Silva and his vaunted striking game puts Weidman in the weeds early on, how will he recover? How will he react if the champ avoids his takedowns early on? Or if Silva quickly gets back to his feet after being taken down?

Perhaps it’s because of all these questions the upcoming fight is so intriguing. It’s also a big night for Boetsch and Munoz, as a loss for either man will likely push them out of the top ten rankings.

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