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UFC 162: Galvao Says Weidman “Not Going to Surprise” Silva

Chris Weidman

The pre-fight assessment from a lot of folks, regarding next Saturday’s UFC 162 headliner, is that Chris Weidman will need to put Anderson Silva on his back and put his feared top game to use, in order to end the champ’s reign. Due to the fact that Weidman is a ridiculously talented wrester, who’s added nasty jiu-jitsu skills to his arsenal, some are even predicting that the “All-American” will defeat Silva. And no, it’s not just former training partners like Georges St. Pierre and Frank Edgar, or the UFC marketing crew.

According to Andre Galvao, however, who knows just a wee bit about jiu-jitsu, Silva won’t have a problem hanging  with Weidman if and when the fight goes to the ground. The former jiu-jitsu champion relayed to recently (quote via Gracie

“Chris is a strong man and a good wrestler, and he likes doing the hand triangle by passing guard to the right side. I don’t think he’s going to surprise Anderson on the ground. Unless something unexpected happens, like a hand getting through, because a fight’s a fight … But what we’re telling Anderson to do is be calm, for I believe Weidman doesn’t have much up his sleeve to try and take the belt. I think his only resource is the ground, but the rounds are five minutes long, which is not a lot of time to exert one’s technique over Anderson, who is himself a Jiu-Jitsu black-belt.”

Now, if Weidman can keep Silva on his back for five rounds, however, and doesn’t fall prey to a submission like Mr. Chael Sonnen famously did at UFC 117, then it should be enough to take the title. That’s assuming of course, that if Silva gets back to his feet or after each round, Weidman can avoid “The Spider’s” vicious striking assault long enough to get it back to the mat. That might be a big if.

The July 6th, UFC 162 card will be hosted by the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Stay tuned to MMA for all your UFC news and coverage.


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