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Mousasi and Camp: Belfort’s a “Hypocrite”

Vitor Belfort

Gegard Mousasi has been campaigning for a bout with Vitor Belfort when he returns from knee surgery later this year, and evidently he and his camp don’t care for Belfort’s wish to wait for a title shot, or his recent argument that Mousasi needs to “earn” a fight with the #2 ranked contender.

In a recent interview with, Belfort was asked to comment on Mousasi’s recent call out, and the resurgent fighter compared that request to a team leapfrogging straight into the semifinals. There’s something to be said about that argument, even if the UFC brass has never really followed that approach.

Case in point, according to a follow report from MMA, Mousasi and his reps claim Belfort is being a “hypocrite”, since he himself has been tapped for title shots (see his UFC 152 bout with light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones) in the past, without allegedly earning them. In addition, they claim Belfort was offered a fight with Mousasi back in 2008 under the Affliction banner (remember those days?), but that the Brazilian turned it down stating he didn’t want to fight at catchweight. Belfort fought Rick Franklin at a catchweight of 195 pounds in his return to the UFC. They also pointed out that Alexander Gustafsson will return from injury right into a title fight with Jones.

While there’s no doubt that Mousasi-Belfort could be an outstanding fight, and that Mousasi has earned another high profile bout due to his impressive resume, no one should be surprised really to hear Belfort wants to wait for a title shot. Considering he’s coming off awe inspiring wins over Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold, ¬†and that he’s in the latter stages of his career at 36 years-old, Belfort doesn’t have much to gain at this juncture by fighting Mousasi.

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