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UFC 162: White Says Bonuses Remain For Now

Kelsey Mowatt

Dana White

Fighters scheduled to compete at UFC 162  and cards in the immediate future will still be gunning to pick up performance bonuses, and as a result, the competitors who pick up fight, knockout or submission of the night can look forward to collecting an extra 50 grand. UFC President Dana White confirmed today at a press conference that the promotion’s bonus system is still in play, after he recently relayed he was considering cutting the awards, and redistributing the money to fighters. While discussing the promotion’s performance bonuses, and the possibility of axing them, White stated (quote via MMA

“Before a decision like that is made, we’re going to talk to the fighters too. This isn’t something (UFC CEO) Lorenzo (Fertitta) and I are just going to say, ‘Yeah, this is what we’re going to do.’ We’re going to talk to a lot of fighters about it before we make those decisions.”

The UFC President brought up the idea earlier in the week after another fighter, UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy, criticized how much fighter’s are paid. Kennedy apologized for making the comments shortly after, and also said his comments had been taken out of context. Kennedy is scheduled to fight Roger Gracie at UFC 162.

Of course, considering all the fighters scheduled to compete Saturday have contracts in place, it’s not surprising to hear that the bonuses will be handed out again on July 6th. Regardless of where you sit on the issue of fighter pay, it is kind of hard at this juncture to imagine fight cards without the awards right? Wondering whether a bout is going to qualify for an award makes for an interesting discussion come fight night.

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