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White: Selling Silva on Belfort Rematch Will be Tough

Vitor Belfort

Although plenty of Vitor Belfort and MMA fans would like to see it, considering the way the “Phenom” dispatched of Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold, the middleweight vet’s campaign for a title shot could all be in vain. According to Dana White, he doesn’t think Anderson Silva is too interested in facing Belfort once again, if he defeats Chris Weidman this weekend at UFC 162.

While speaking to reporters Thursday about this Saturday’s card, White was predictably asked about Belfort, who has been pushing hard for a bout with the winner. The UFC President had this to say about the possibility of Belfort facing Silva for a second time (quote via MMA

“He’s looked great, but the hard position that Vitor is in is when you talk about a rematch for him, it’s like, [Silva] kicked him in the face in the first 60 seconds in one of the most devestating knockouts of all-time. So when you go back to Anderson Silva, who’s in the twilight of his career, and you say to a guy like Anderson, ‘Eh, what about Vitor?’ He’d say, ‘I annihilated Vitor. I made it look like Vitor isn’t even a fighter we should have been fighting.'”

The UFC boss man reportedly stressed that this doesn’t mean Belfort’s out of luck, ┬áif Silva’s run as champ continues, but also noted that the 38 year-old wonder is likely looking to knock off other challenges on his MMA bucket list (like possibly a super fight with Jon Jones or Georges St. Pierre).

So, if Weidman wins Saturday, that might get Belfort closer to a title shot, but then again, White has already relayed that Silva can take an automatic rematch if he wants it. Could Gegard Mousasi be next for Belfort after all?

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