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White: “No Doubt” GSP Doesn’t Want to Fight Silva

Kelsey Mowatt

Georges St. Pierre

If you ask most hardcore fans if it seems Georges St. Pierre is anxious to take on Anderson Silva, the vast majority would likely say ‘ah no’, considering the UFC welterweight champ has repeatedly said he’d have to bulk up to fight the legend. In fact, GSP has said moving to lightweight would be easier than fighting at 185. Then more recently, the renowned fighter has been putting up stop signs regarding ‘super fight’ talk, by predicting that Chris Weidman will beat Silva at UFC 162.

So, while most people suspect St. Pierre isn’t eager to take on Silva, who’s already fought at 205 several times, it’s another thing to hear Dana White say it. The UFC President was asked about the prospect of a GSP-Silva bout Thursday, and once again he relayed that the welterweight won’t discuss it, because St. Pierre’s adamant Weidman will win on Saturday. But when asked if he believes GSP just doesn’t want to fight Silva period, White noted (quote via MMA “There’s no doubt about it. That’s a fact.” The UFC President then reportedly added:

“At the end of the day he weighs 170 pounds.  He’s a 170-pounder.  If he weighed 185 pounds and felt that way I’d be real pissed,” said White.  “I’m the man here at 170.  If I thought I was the man at 185 I’d be at 185.  I get it, but it’s a fight that a lot of fans want to see.  It’s a big fight.  It’s a legacy fight.  It’s a fight for the pound-for-pound best in the world.”

Of course, during a recent media call, Silva also noted that St. Pierre had a chance to call for a bout with the middleweight champ, but didn’t take it. Soon the veteran will begin preparing for a tilt with #1 contender Johny Hendricks on November 16th.

Increasingly it seems like if all the cards fall into place, the long awaited ‘super fight’ will have to feature Silva taking on Jon Jones. Or, maybe GSP is right, and Weidman will ground-and-pound those plans away Saturday night?

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