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UFC 162 Edgar vs. Oliveira Recap

Frankie Edgar

MMAFrenzy’s coverage of UFC 162 continues with our recap tonight’s co-main event between former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar and Charles Oliveira. In the end, Edgar would best Oliveira with a sold display of all-round MMA.

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Edgar Defeats Oliveira in Classic

Charles Oliveira held his own tonight against Frankie Edgar tonight at UFC 162. The fighters battled in an excellent battle that saw Edgar’s boxing and wrestling pitted against Oliveira’s Muay Thai and BJJ. Edgar would finally come out on the right end of a decision tonight, but he more than tried to end the fight multiple times. Oliveira’s chin was just out of reach for him though, and the two fought to a fantastic decision.


Rd. 1- Edgar stops a a combo by Oliveira. Frankie hurts Oliveira with a short right and Oliveira in a desperate shot but while he’s countered, he works up. Hard takedown by Edgar. Fighters exchanging shots on the ground. Oliveira tries an omoplata but uses it to stand. Nice combo by Frankie but it’s answered by a knee. Oliveira trying to get fancy with kicks but Edgar makes him pay. Nice jab by Oliveira. Nice combo by Frankie and a hard uppercut. Hard reversal by Edgar on a takedown but he backs out. Wicked combo by Edgar. Nice body shots by Edgar and he uses Oliveira’s momentum to land an easy takedown. Oliveira with elbows from the bottom as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Edgar.

Rd. 2- Body kick by Edgar to answer a nice one by Oliveira. Pace in this fight is brutal. Wicked leg kick by Oliveira. Frankie catches a legkick and delivers a hard shot to Oliveira but doesn’t pursue on the ground. Very nice takedown by Edgar off a parry. Oliveira is battling off his back though and forcing Frankie to mind himself on top. Hammerfists by Edgar and a pair of elbows to boot. Oliveira up but eats a knee. Jumping roundhouse by Oliveira misses. Oliveira is mixing it up well now. Hard counter off a caught legkick by Edgar. Wicked combo by Edgar. Nice hook by Oliveira. The pace in this bout is incredible. Driving takedown by Edgar but Oliveira counters with a guillotine. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Edgar.

Rd. 3- Double touch of gloves to start the third. Edgar with a nice pair of combos. Frankie tags him hard and Oliveira is hurt. More shots by Edgar but Oliveira survives. Caught kick to a takedown by Edgar but he backs out. Nice right hook by Oliveira. Caught kick to a legkick by Edgar but a hard combo by Oliveira. Hard body shot by Edgar. Edgar with a takedown attempt but can’t over the hips. Hard right by Edgar but Oliveira rorars back. Hard Muay Thai  elbow. Edgar gets tripped but bounces back up and he rocks Oliveira again. Big shots by Edgar and then a flying knee by Edgar. Hard right by Edgar and a takedown attempt by Oliveira is rebuffed and he eats a  hard shot but recovers guard. Oliveira isolates an arm but Edgar works out. Great fight. Brutal over the top right by Edgar with 0:20 left. Edgar finishes on top. Excellent fight. MMAFrenzy has it 30-27 Edgar but it was a great fight.

Franke Edgar def. Charles Oliveira via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)


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