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White: Belfort can Call his Congressman, Title Shot not Happening

Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort and his sizeable fanbase may have smiled upon hearing Anderson Silva say he isn’t interested in fighting newly crowned middleweight champ Chris Weidman again, but it doesn’t sound like the promotion’s drafting up title shot plans for “The Phenom” just yet. Far from it. Despite the fact Silva also wouldn’t commit to a rematch with Weidman in the post UFC 162 presser, Dana White insists the former champ is going to change his mind, and therefore, Belfort’s going to have to wait.

When asked about how Belfort might figure into the title shot picture now, in light of Weidman’s mind blowing upset, White responded by saying (via MMA

“Anderson Silva’s gone undefeated since 2006, he’s beat everybody and held the title; he deserves the rematch. Chris Weidman said that before he even fought him. Vitor’s going to have to wait. He’s not getting the rematch. He can text, he can tweet, he can writing f–king letters, he can call his congressman, he can do whatever he wants to do, he’s going to have to wait. Anderson Silva’s getting the rematch.”

In case you haven’t been following Belfort’s busy title shot campaign lately, the surging vet has been taking to Twitter to plead his case for a championship fight. In particular, Belfort didn’t seem to care for White’s revelation last week, that Silva likely wouldn’t sign off on a rematch with him, considering how their UFC 126 bout went down.

Now, of course, things have changed significantly, as Weidman and Belfort have never fought. If Silva does indeed decide he doesn’t want to rematch the new champ, then one would think Belfort’s a lock.  That said, it is difficult to imagine Silva returning to the UFC without fighting for the belt. Perhaps he will take an extended period of time off,  which could push the UFC to book a title defense for Weidman.

Hopefully we’ll find out what “The Spider’s” wishes are sooner than later.


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