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Belfort: Silva “Acted Inappropriately”

Kelsey Mowatt

Vitor Belfort

It may seem like ancient history, but it wasn’t that long ago when MMA fans were busy discussing the supposed ‘beef’ between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, which certainly helped hype the fight. You may recall that Silva wore a mask to the weigh-ins for UFC 126, and it wasn’t because of his affinity for pro wrestling.

With that in mind, and the fact that Silva quickly dispatched of Belfort in 2011, no one should be shocked to hear that “The Phenom” has criticized the former champ for his antics at UFC 162. While appearing on The MMA Hour, Belfort had this to say about Silva’s taunting of Weidman, which of course was eventually met with a fight ending left hook.

“The first thing you learn (in martial arts) is respect,” Belfort said. “Your opponent across the other side of the mat, the Octagon, he is the most important person in that moment for you, because that’s the person who makes you compete, who gives you the pleasure to entertain people. But I see martial arts not just from an entertainment side. I see it as a sport. And as a sport, like in NBA, NFL, we have a code of conduct. And that’s something that the UFC, we need to start having that. I think [Silva] really didn’t have any conduct on this fight. He acted inappropriately and it wasn’t the first time, so I hope this will be the last time that he does.”

Not surprisingly, Belfort is still calling for a title shot, and also argued that he should face Weidman next, and that the winner should move on to face Silva. If Silva does want to take too much time off, you never know, maybe the UFC will tap him for Weidman’s first title defense.


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