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Jones Says Silva “Abused” His Gifts at UFC 162

Jon jones

The internet would still be littered with discussions about Anderson Silva’s reign coming to an end if Chris Weidman had out wrestled him for five rounds or even stopped him in a different manner, but since it went down the way that it did, the post fight talk continues to rage.

Not surprisingly, Jon Jones was asked to weigh in on Silva’s performance while he was a press conference today in Toronto, to hype up his UFC 165 bout with Alexander Gustfasson. As a result of Weidman playing the role of ‘super fight’ spoiler, Jones won’t receive a chance, or so it seems, to throw down with the legendary Silva.

While some observers (including Silva) have characterized the former champ’s showboating and taunting as just a failed game plan, Jones apparently is with the camp that believes the 38 year-old was reckless. “Bones” acknowledged that Silva’s skills are legendary, but argued that the “Spider” “abused the gifts” and that further, “he just got disrespectful and the war gods made him pay for it.”

The 25 year-old also acknowledged that Weidman’s victory served as a “reality check”, in terms of what can happen to any storied fighter, but that you won’t see Jones fighting with his “hands down like that”. No surprises there.

In case you don’t check the UFC rankings on a daily basis, you may have missed that Jones has been moved into the number one, pound-for-pound position. Georges St. Pierre is at #2 now and Silva has dropped to third. While Jones said the new ranking “means a lot”, he noted it doesn’t “feel real”, since he believes he hasn’t accomplished as much as men like Silva, GSP or Matt Hughes.

UFC 165 will be hosted by Toronto’s Air Canada Center on September 21st. Stay tuned to MMA for all your UFC news and coverage.


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