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Jeff Monson Arrested For Assault, Property Damage

Jeff Monson

Jeff Monson

Veteran Jeff Monson, who last week was charged with a felony for spraying graffiti on the Washington State Capitol, has been jailed in North Carolina for “assault on a female and injury to real property”.

The Olympian has the details:

Stephanie Trapani, 30, of Advance, North Carolina, said Monson is in jail for trashing her home and grabbing her after an argument Saturday. Trapani says she had a romantic relationship with Monson, but they got in an argument after she found out he had romantic relationships with other women. She said she found out information about his other girlfriends on his cell phone and she then threw the cell phone out the window of her car while she was driving to pick him up at the gym. When he found out his cell phone was gone when they returned to Trapani’s home, he got angry. “He went ballistic,” she said.

At Trapani’s home, Monson packed up his belongings, Trapani said. But when she told him she had thrown his cell phone out the window of her car, he grabbed her laptop and started “hitting the columns” of her home. She said Monson was enraged, and put a hole in the wall and flipped over a grandfather clock.

“He’s being charged with domestic violence and damage to property because he destroyed my house,” Trapani said. “He started just bashing holes in the walls and the columns.”


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