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Report: Silva Wants Rematch With Weidman

Kelsey Mowatt

Chris Weidman

People may not have expected reports to surface so soon after UFC 162, considering Anderson Silva didn’t appear to be interested at all in committing to a rematch with Chris Weidman, but word has already surfaced claiming that “The Spider” wants to fight the new champ again. Now unfortunately, the news doesn’t come from Silva himself and it’s not an official announcement, but it’s something.

According to a report from MMA, “sources very close to the former UFC middleweight champion” are saying that Silva changed his mind about the rematch, not long after the shocking KO went down. Apparently, the sources say Silva was to ticked off about what happened Saturday night that he jokingly said he’d fight Weidman this week. That’s some turn around.

Silva is reportedly hoping to fight Weidman sometime this year, and not at Super Bowl Weekend in February, as Dana White initially relayed he would like to have happen. Earlier in the week the Los Angeles Times reported that White had changed his mind, however, and is considering booking the bout for UFC 168 on December 28th.

The sources, of course, want to remain anonymous until the rematch is announced. ¬†Weidman, who floored Silva with a left hook moments after the legendary fighter had been taunting him, has already said he’s willing to give Silva an immediate rematch.

So, the waiting game continues, but things are looking up right?

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