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UFC 164: Grant Responds to Conspiracy Theorists

TJ Grant

If some conspiracy theorists have grown tired of dissecting and speculating about Anderson Silva’s shocking loss to Chris Weidman last week, TJ Grant understandably isn’t in the mood to have his recent removal from UFC 164 picked over by them. If you haven’t heard, Grant’s been forced to withdraw from his UFC 164 tilt with Benson Henderson due to a concussion, and now Anthony Pettis will take his place. Since the latter campaigned to have Grant removed from the card, and Henderson-Pettis II is sure to be a big time fight, there’s certain to be claims something sketchy went down.

So, with that in mind, Grant took to Twitter after announcing his withdrawal, and posted:

Sorry all you conspiracy theorists. @danawhite / @ufc did not and could not pay me any amount of money to step aside.

Now, the reason a few eyebrows have probably been raised, is that less than a month ago, it was reported that Pettis would need six weeks to recover from a knee injury, which pulled him from UFC 163. Pettis was supposed to fight featherweight champ Jose Aldo. After being forced out of the August 3rd bout, “Showtime” started campaigning to replace Grant at UFC 164, since his knee injury wasn’t considered to be serious. It was a polarizing move, as some fans were, and are, anxious to see Pettis fight the lightweight champion again, while others believed Grant had earned his shot.

Pettis is evidently going to be ready to go after all, but that doesn’t prove Grant’s agreed to drop out of what would have been the biggest opportunity of his life. One might wonder, however, if Pettis is going to have a rigorous and full training camp, which any fighter would like heading into such a pivotal fight.

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