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UFC 161 Drug Tests Come Back Clean

Dan Henderson

The drug tests for UFC 161 have come back clean, with no therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) granted for the June fight card. The Manitoba Combative Sports Commission oversaw the testing for the event.

The fighters were tested for drugs of abuse (including marijuana and cocaine) as well as performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) with no results coming back positive. Ten of twenty-two fighters were tested on the June card. While the names of the tested fighters were not revealed, the usual practice is to test main event and co-main event fighters, while selecting the rest at random.

The news that there were no TUEs issued for the event was a bit eyebrow raiser since the card featured Dan Henderson, a noted testosterone replacement therapy user (TRT). However, ESPN’s Josh Gross tweeted earlier today that Henderson had not been on for the last several months.

With the test results back from the commission, the UFC will now release the UFC 161 bonuses. This is in line with the promotion’s policy that withholds performance bonuses from the fighters pending the results of the drug tests.


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