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Anderson Silva: Taunting “Part of the Show”

Kelsey Mowatt

Chris Weidman

Now that Weidman-Silva II is booked, most people likely aren’t expecting Anderson Silva to bust out the same taunting tactics he utilized at UFC 162, since that didn’t go so well. Since the historic July 6th fight, the media and fans alike, have continuously debated whether Silva’s actions stemmed from arrogance, boredom or just a legitimate game-plan gone south. Some have of course argued they were combination of all three.

Immediately following the fight, Silva credited Weidman for effectively dealing with “The Spider’s” now well documented strategy, which once again, included him fighting with his guard down. In a more recent interview with Globo TV, Silva continued to defend his tactics, and even hinted fans could see similar demonstrations from him moving forward (quote via MMA

“If Muhammad Ali came up saying I wasn’t humble, then I’d think if I was humble or not. There was no lack of respect. I respect everybody. All the provocation, hands down… It should continue, it’s part of the show”

Now that said, Silva also admitted that mistakes were made during the bout, as after all, he was KO’d.

“Nobody likes to lose,” Silva said. “I train four months to win. But you end [up] learning with your mistakes, and I learned the worst way possible. After everything that happened, we calm down and I realized I had something to question, even question Anderson Silva. I lost to myself, and that’s the worst loss. Losing by knockout shakes you, [it] will be in history, but will leave a lesson.”

Silva’s coach Cesario Bezerra also spoke with Globo, who reportedly told the 38 year-old legend that he’s “losing humility” and that Silva eventually acknowledged his criticism. According to Bezerra, Silva also recognized he was having difficulties landing strikes on Weidman.

So, could this all be a pre-fight ploy to get Weidman thinking Silva will act in a similar manner come December 28th? Or will the former champ use similar “provocation” but just scale it back? It’s going to be fascinating to find out.

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