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Jon Fitch Sees 15 More Fights in Future

Jon Fitch

Although Jon Fitch has competed in over 30 pro fights and is 35 years old, the rugged vet and former UFC contender believes he has 15 more bouts left to go. If all goes according to plan, that would mean the well rounded fighter could end up having a 17, 18 year long career. Impressive.

Fitch revealed the theoretical time table for his future while appearing on the latest MMA Hour, after host Ariel Helwani asked him how long he plans to keep on fighting.

“I figure three times a year, that’s at least fifteen fights in five years if you’re healthy,” Fitch stated. “I think I have fifteen fights left in me.”

In fact, Fitch reportedly added that if all goes well and he stays healthy, he could see himself fighting for another 10 years. That’s getting into Randy Couture, Dan Henderson territory. When you examine Fitch’s record, there’s no doubt he’s been involved in several ┬áhard fought battles (see his UD loss to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 87), but he’s only been KO’d twice. Fighters with a diverse skill set like Fitch tend to take less abuse in the cage.

Fitch also had this to say about his disappointing WSOF debut in June, which saw Josh Burkman choke him unconscious in just 41 seconds, with a guillotine choke.

“I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to make this debut the biggest debut I could. I was looking for something bigger,” Fitch said. “I think this company put a lot of effort into promoting me and getting me out there and I wanted to step up and represent and help take World Series to that next level. Because I knew a lot of people would be watching after everything that’s transpired over the last several months.”

Lots of people were indeed interested, which is why the win for Burkman was so massive. Fitch also noted in the interview that he’s hoping to fight in October.

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