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Fight Master: Bellator MMA Episode 4 Recap

Mike Dubois

Fight Master: Bellator MMA launches its first season on Spike TV. The show will follow 32 welterweights as they vie for $100,000 and a shot in an upcoming Bellator tournament. MMAFrenzy will have continuing coverage of the burgeoning and innovative reality show until the show wraps up at the Bellator Season 9 premiere this September.

Show kicks off with the fifteen fighters that made it past the first round moving into the house. Immediately the show turns to filling Team Shamrock’s final spot vacated by the injured Andy Urich. Shamrock is allowed to pick an eligible fighter that lost in the preliminaries to fill the spot and selects Joe Williams. Cole Williams isn’t thrilled to see that, but thinks it’s cool he was brought back.

The focus turns to the training now, with Jackson’s MMA displayed first. Jackson lays out his philosophy of blending skills, strategy, and psychology into the fight game. Warren’s Rino Sports team feels their coach is excited and has something to prove, and the fighters seem to enjoy it. Shamrock shows how he believes in taking care of all aspects of the body, mind, and soul in his fight camp. Xtreme Couture rounds out the quick overview, as Randy shows his very pragmatic way of preparing fighters to battle.

Show reveals how the fight picks will be made, with the coaches ranking the fighters 1-16 and then the higher ranked fighters being allowed to pick their opponents. The coaches then rally for their fighters, Jackson’s MMA fighter Joe Riggs being listed as the number one based on his experience and record. While the coaches set the ranks, the order of the bouts will be random. To start off the competition, fifth-ranked fighter Xtreme Couture’s Cole Williams elects to fight Team Shamrock’s Mike Dubois.

The show builds up the fight, and then cuts back to seven days before the fight. Dubois makes Thomasville, GA proud by discussing how he hunts for food and also grows the rest of his food. Williams talks about being able to provide for his family with a win.

Shamrock immediately gets to work with preparing Dubois to fight and notes that he has clearly never had a real coach. Williams believes he is the better technician and his coaches’ stress being smart and using the submission game to defeat the lesser-trained fighter.

Cole Williams vs. Mike Dubois

  1. Williams does not waste much time in grounding Dubois with a takedown. Williams does a beautiful job of working to mount and then back mount. Williams locks a up a rear-naked choke after arching him out from the back mount and Dubois taps.

             Cole Williams def. Mike Dubois via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1

The next fight will be Chris Lozano taking on Bryan Travers, and the show then flashes back again to eight days prior. Lozano picked the fight and says he really likes the challenge of Travers. Lozano tells Travers of the fight himself, and Travers is excited with the pick since Lozano has bad cardio. Shamrock echoes that concern and definitely believes it’s a tough fight. Travers says his cardio came from once weighing 272-pounds. Team Jackson assistant Joey Villeasnor likes Travers in the fight if he keeps his movement up, and Jackson echoes that in a confessional video.

Chris Lozano (Team Shamrock) vs. Bryan Travers (Jackson’s MMA)

  1. Travers avoids and early swarm. Lozano starts to just miss a few combinations. Travers eats a punch and tries for a takedown and Lozano reverses briefly before being taken down. Lozano works up but he cannot get Travers off him for a minute. Travers sets up a takedown with a legkick but Lozano defends beautifully. Travers with another takedown attempt and Lozano gets away with a blatant short and cage grab before Travers gets him down. Lozano takes some damage before escaping. Lozano lands a big shot, but Travers survives and starts landing combos of his own.Lozano does a great job of listening to his coach and resorting to jabs for the last bit of the round, but also lands a nice straight to end the round. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Travers.
  2. Lozano with a string of hooks that land but Travers has the tired fighter against the cage now. Travers lands a few knees before Lozano works out. Nice exchanges by Travers and then he catches a hard legkick and takes down Lozano. BT works to half guard and is landing effective ground-and-pound before advancing to a modified crucifix from half guard. Travers has his back and Lozano goes for a knee bar but   BT was ready for it. Lozano scrambles up but Travers takes him back down. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Travers, but the judges have it 19-19 and it goes to a third.
  3. Lozano is struggling in the corner, while Travers looks fresh. Travers is slipping Lozano’s early power shots. Travers is clearly fresher and Lozano is struggling to put together combinations. Travers has a takedown blocked early but uses it to control the clinch and then lands a light headkick on the exit. Travers with a great combination punctuated by a body kick. Lozano is looking to set up his big overhand but he’s tired and telegraphing it. Combination by Travers and then a nice knee before controlling the clinch again. Lozano is pushing it with a minute left now and Travers goes for a takedown but gets his legs caught under him off a Lozano switch and he finishes the round on top. Tough round to score but that last exchange cost him, I have it 29-28 Travers.

Chris Lozano def. Bryan Travers via split decision (29-28,28-29,29-28)

Fight Teams:

Jackson’s MMA

  • Bryan Travers (lost to Lozano)
  • Joe Riggs
  • Tim Welch
  • Eric Bradley

Team Shamrock

  • Mike Dubois (lost to Cole Williams)
  • Chris Lozano (defeated Travers)
  • Nick Barnes
  • Joe Williams

Xtreme Couture

  • Cole Williams (defeated Dubois)
  • Cristiano Souza
  • Mike Bronzoullis
  • A.J. Matthews

Rino Sports (Team Warren)

  • Eric Scallan
  • Jason Norwood
  • Ismael Gonzalez
  • Evan Cutts

That is all for this week’s episode, as more fighters will take to the cage on next week’s episode of Fight Master: Bellator MMA.


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