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Henderson Took Loss to Pettis “Like a Man”

Benson Henderson

Benson Henderson may have come up short against Anthony Pettis at WEC 53 in December, 2010, but obviously the well rounded fighter didn’t let the loss derail his career. Far from it.

After the memorable defeat, Henderson moved to the UFC, and has proceeded to win seven straight fights as well as the lightweight championship. Not only that, but he’s defeated renowned fighters like Frankie Edgar, Jim Miller and most recently Gilbert Melendez in the process. Now he will take on Pettis for a second time at UFC 164.

In a recent interview with MMA, Henderson admitted that while he’s looking forward to facing Pettis, and trying to get back that loss, he was able to move on from their first encounter.

“I won’t lie to you; I haven’t thought about the rematch a whole lot, to be honest,” Henderson said. “Of course you want to erase it, but you’ve got to understand also that you can’t erase things. You’ve got to man up, get on with your life and move on.”

“I took it like a man,” Henderson said. “I lost. It happens. The 18-0 New England Patriots, they lost, but they moved on. They got over it. The ’91 Bulls, when they lost, it happens. You have to man up, move on, accept it, take it for what it is. Learn from it, grow better from it, improve from it, and then go out there and do your thing again.”

UFC 164 will be hosted by the Bradley Center in Milwaukee and the main card will be broadcast via pay-per-view.

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