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Fight Master: Bellator MMA Episode 5 Recap

Fight Master: Bellator MMA rolls along with its first season on Spike TV. The show follows 32 welterweights as they vie for $100,000 and a shot in an upcoming Bellator tournament. MMAFrenzy will have continuing coverage of the burgeoning and innovative reality show until the show wraps up at the Bellator Season 9 premiere this September. [Spoilers Below]

Mike Bronzoullis kicks off the show by talking about his gladiator mentality and feels that Norwood does not respect him. Norwood says he is a soldier (a real one, not a Kellen Winslow one…) and that he carries that mentality to the cage.

Another 8 day flashback takes us back to Norwood’s pick, and he explains that he feels he is the better wrestler and fighter. Joe Warren loves the pick, but so does Couture’s team. Norwood talks about how being in the Army prepared him for being away from everyone, but he still wants to win this for his family.

Couture has Bronzoullis work on his defensive wrestling, while Warren works on Norwood’s ground-and-pound. Show touches briefly on Chris Lozano and Mike’s friendship, with the Xtreme Couture fighter talking about his dad’s death being motivation. Bronzoullis’ teammates talk about how he has to hate a guy to fight him, with Mike adding “This week, he’s my enemy.” Prior to the fight, Warren makes an excellent point about his style of wrestling as opposed to Couture’s being more conducive to offense in MMA. With a couple of final comments, it is fight time.

Jason Norwood (RiNo Sports) vs. Mike Bronzoullis (Xtreme Couture)

  1.  Norwood seizes control in the clinch and presses to the cage. Bronzoullis is defending well but eventually is taken down. Warren keeps pointing out that MB is grabbing the cage to stand, and after giving up his back, he stands. Norwood is reversed against the cage briefly but seizes control again. Norwood drops on a takedown again and MB defends for awhile and is briefly taken down but works back up. Norwood keeps pressuring as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Norwood.
  2. Fighters are exchanging kicks early and Norwood goes for a takedown against the cage. MB grabs the cage on the eventual takedown and while it helps him up, he’s back down again. MB stands and breaks free. Norwood is back on him after a brief exchange and eventually takes Norwood’s back while standing. MB breaks but eats a body kick on the exit. MB with a nice striking exchange that is the most effective offense of the fight. Norwood is again in on a takedown but is clearly gassing with 90-ticks left. MB escapes and lands a nice body blow on the exit. Norwood is clearly gassed and MB is tagging him as the round comes to a close. With Norwood exhausted as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Bronzoullis. (19-19)
  3. Norwood gets caught by a wicked right and he is out only seconds into the third.

Mike Bronzoullis def. Jason Norwood via KO – Round 3

Noorwood would reveal that he tore his quadriceps during the bout via twitter, but either way, he comes up short. With that fight in the books, we do the set up and rewind act again for Ismael Gonzalez and Joe Williams. Shamrock immediately works with Williams on blending takedowns with his strikes. Williams talks about his faith being a driving force in his life. He is so devout to it, that it “scares” teammate Lozano because that can make a fighter tough to beat.

Gonzalez talks about his life as a cop and also talks with Joe Riggs about his family. Every one seems to favor Williams for his wrestling, but Warren believes that his superior wrestling base can help him prepare his guy for the fight. Gonzalez says that the underdog mentality runs through the entire RiNo Sports camp thanks to Warren’s mentality, and he feels it is a good thing.

Ismael Gonzalez (RiNo Sports) vs. Joe Williams (Team Shamrock)

  1.  Williams is immediately in on a takedown and takes control in locking down the half guard. Ground-and-pound and top control are the story so far, with Williams in complete control by landing big knees from side control. Gonzalez recovers side control, but just cannot break Williams’ impressive control. Warren admits they have to concede that round. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Williams, but an argument could be made for 10-8.
  2. Gonzalez tries to strike but makes the mistake of kicking with a wrestler and is on his back. Williams advances to mount, and is patiently working for a side control. A clearly exasperated Warren is calling for his fighter to move but it is all for not. Williams locks it up and it is over.

Joe Williams def. Ismael Gonzalez via submission (arm-triangle) – Round 2

Warren is clearly frustrated after the fight, as he realizes that loss was right out of his playbook. The win improves to Team Shamrock to 2-1 in the competition, while RiNo Sports falls to 0-2.

Fight Teams:

Jackson’s MMA

  • Bryan Travers (lost to Lozano)
  • Joe Riggs
  • Tim Welch
  • Eric Bradley

Team Shamrock

  • Mike Dubois (lost to Cole Williams)
  • Chris Lozano (defeated Travers)
  • Nick Barnes
  • Joe Williams (defeated Gonzalez)

Xtreme Couture

  • Cole Williams (defeated Dubois)
  • Cristiano Souza
  • Mike Bronzoullis (defeated Norwood)
  • A.J. Matthews

Rino Sports (Team Warren)

  • Eric Scallan
  • Jason Norwood (lost to Bronzoullis)
  • Ismael Gonzalez
  • Evan Cutts

That is all for this week’s episode, as Tim Welch vs. Nick Barnes and Joe Riggs vs. Eric Scallan is set for next week’s episode of Fight Master: Bellator MMA.


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