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After UFC 162 Silva “Was So Out of Myself” he Turned Down Rematch

Kelsey Mowatt

Anderson Silva

Thankfully, Anderson Silva came around and has agreed to battle Chris Weidman for a second time at UFC 168, otherwise fans and pundits would still be agonizing over why the legend has abandoned his pursuit of a belt. The internet would no doubt be littered with discussions and outlandish theories as to what was ‘really up’; Vitor Belfort and his fans would be driving hard to book a fight with Weidman. It would be a very different world…

While we can now look forward to Weidman-Silva II, the former champ has reportedly provided some insight, as to why he initially said he wasn’t interested in gunning for the title. Immediately following the stunning, July 6th fight, Silva told UFC commentator Joe Rogan that he wouldn’t be asking for a rematch. In a recent interview with the Brazilian radio show Mundo da Luta, however, Silva relayed the following as to why he said that (quote via MMA

“I was so sad with myself, with my lack of control on the moment, that I said some words that weren’t nice. I said that I wouldn’t fight for the title. But after I signed the contract (earlier in the year), Dana told me that he would give [me a rematch if I had lost the belt]. I was so out of myself that I didn’t think about it.”

Naturally, Silva was also asked about how the fight went down, and the onslaught of criticism he’s received which says he was acting reckless or cocky.

“The criticism is valid, but I’m human,” he said. “I made a technical mistake, and it was good for me and for the people around me to learn. I had to be able to know that focus is always needed. I lost focus, and now I will get better.”

December 28th can’t get here fast enough.

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