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UFC on FOX 8: Johnson Spins a Masterpiece

John Moraga

UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson took on challenger John Moraga tonight in the UFC on FOX 8 main event. Johnson would cement his standing as one of the best fighters in the world tonight as he dominated John Moraga to retain the title.

Johnson Impresses Against Moraga

UFC on FOX 8’s main event served as a showcase for new father and UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson. Johnson put on a takedown and grappling clinic tonight against John Moraga. Moraga would have a few flashes of brilliance but they were few and far between tonight in Seattle. Johnson is now 4-0-1 since dropping to flyweight and will have to wait and see how the division unfolds in the next few months to see who he faces next.


Rd. 1- Herb Dean is pulling triple duty on tonight’s main card. Moraga storming forward in an effort to close but DJ is evading early. Moraga tries to clinch but DJ slips it and counters. Legkick by DJ. Moraga is looking to counter that legkick each time. Legkicks by Moraga are landing due to his length. Moraga takes control in the clinch but DJ reverses and lands the takedown. Moraga is unwisely hanging on to the head and DJ passes to side control. DJ tries for mount but Moraga recovers half-guard. DJ isolates an arm but elects strike instead. Moraga scrambles though and is waiting it out in a FHL. DJ locks up a deep guillotine as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Johnson.

Rd. 2- Legkick by DJ and then a big driving takedown by the champ. DJ stands and passes to side control. DJ with the Salaverry position and rains down some strikes as Moraga works out. Moraga tries to hook up a modified triangle but is stuck in side control again. DJ is isolating the arm for a Kimura but instead takes Moraga’s back and lands a nice snatch-and-return. Moraga is back up and lands a combo but DJ with a driving a takedown into side control. DJ again isolates the arm for a straight armbar but opts for some big elbows and punches to end the round. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Johnson (20-18).

Rd. 3- Moraga tries to drive forward early in the round and just misses some bombs. Another beautiful takedown by DJ now. Moraga takes some damage and works up. Moraga grabs a body lock and tries to take him down but DJ gets his legs back and lands a gorgeous takedown attempt. DJ attacking with the kimura again and he misses on the first attempt but he steps over the head. It’s dangerously close, but Moraga survives and reverses position. DJ stands but Moraga quickly lands a takedown. Moraga is letting it all hang out with spinning attacks and a big knee as the round ends but neither land. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Johnson (30-27)

Rd. 4- FIghters exchange kicks and DJ immediately lands a takedown after. DJ spins to the back as Moraga works up and DJ lands a body kick on the exit. Another body kick by DJ. Legkick by DJ and he lands some knees in the clinch. Beautiful transition into a takedown by DJ. Moraga uses his guard well and stands but takes some knees to the body. Looks like a possible illegal knee landed and Moraga is trying a take down. DJ grabs a guillotine and throws a big knee to the body and another. Moraga finally escapes. Moraga lands a huge shot but in his rush to try and finish he ends up being taken down. DJ is bleeding as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Johnson (40-36)

Rd. 5- Touch of gloves to start the round. Moraga storms forward to try and land again and DJ with a slick takedown. Slick transition to side control by DJ. Moraga tries to stand and peeks DJ, but DJ takes him right back down. Moraga works back up but DJ with another single and he is down. DJ is again digging for the kimura and transitions to an armbar to finish and Moraga is forced to submit verbally. Impressive performance.

Demetrious Johnson def. John Moraga via submission (armbar) at 3:43 of Round 5


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