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Fight Master: Bellator MMA Episode 6 Recap

Fight Master: Bellator MMA rolls along with its first season on Spike TV. The show follows 32 welterweights as they vie for $100,000 and a shot in an upcoming Bellator tournament. MMAFrenzy will have continuing coverage of the burgeoning and innovative reality show until the show wraps up at the Bellator Season 9 premiere this September[Spoilers Below]

The show starts with our usual flashback sequence. Welch feels awkward about calling out his opponent, but just has to get through it. Jackson reveals that he has to be in and out due to his usual coaching schedule, leaving pupils Damacio Page and Joey Villasenor in his stead. Jackson feels comfortable with the system, with Shamrock chiding it during a confessional moment, stating that his results seem to speak for themselves.

Prior to the bout, Barnes reveals to his teammates that his extensive scarring actually stems from a childhood incident. Barnes explains that his cousins lit him on fire when he was younger in pretty messed up scenario. Barnes says that it is because of that incident that he has adopted his phoenix mindset of “rising from the ashes.”

Tim Welch (Jackson’s MMA) vs. Nick Barnes (Team Shamrock)

  1. Fighters trade strikes early, with Welch never really seeming to find his range. Big right by Welch but then an errant eye-poke slows the action. After the restart, Welch gets body-locked after over-committing on a striking exchange and gets taken down. Barnes quickly takes his back and sinks in the choke and, after a struggle, that’s a wrap.

Nick Barnes def. Tim Welch via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1

Joe Warren’s Eric Scallan is picked by Joe Riggs for the next fight of the house. Riggs’ weight cutting issues are front and center, as Scallan plays mind games with him by eating a ton in front of him. Riggs talks about getting sober was a major turning point in his life and how he tells fighters to avoid painkillers.

Scallan can relate, as he is recovering alcoholic. The two fighters share a bond over the toughest step in the recovery program but both are ready to take each other out in a fight. Riggs’ looks like death leading up to weigh-ins but makes weight at 170.8lbs with Scallan hitting 170.4lbs. Scallan talks trash in the staredown and then goes to shake his hand on the exit and Riggs turns his shoulder.

Joe Riggs (Jackson’s MMA) vs. Eric Scallan (RiNo Sports)

  1.  Riggs talks him to the cage as Scallan works kicks to start the action. Scallan seizes control in the clinch of a Riggs miss but Joe starts firing knees to the head. Riggs uses the Thai clinch to reverse position and then lands a hard legsweep takedown into side control. Riggs nearly has the mounted crucifix but Scallan rolls out and we’re standing. Scallan tries a takedown but Riggs uses the over/under to throw him off. Scallan clinches against the cage and goes for a takedown but Riggs fends it off. Riggs lands something and Scallan goes down awkwardly. Riggs looks to finish as Scallan is in a desperate scramble. Scallan keeps trying a roll but it’s not there as Riggs pounds him out to the end of the round. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9 Riggs.
  2. Riggs stalks him again. Scallan shoots but eats a knee on the way in. Scallan has his back against the cage but gets thrown down by Riggs. Riggs is doing a great job of controlling the ground action and he advances to side control. Riggs has an old school headlock and smiles before moving to north-south. Scallan scrambles into a shot but goes down hard as Riggs pressures with a switch. Ground-and-pound by Riggs and he takes side control. Riggs is in control here. Arm-triangle by Riggs but it’s not that deep and eventually he gives it up for side control and he passes to mount, and then back mount as the fight closes out. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Riggs (20-18)

Joe Riggs def. Eric Scallan via unanimous decision (20-18,20-18,20-18)

Fight Teams:

Jackson’s MMA

  • Bryan Travers (lost to Lozano)
  • Joe Riggs (defeated Scallan)
  • Tim Welch (lost to Barnes)
  • Eric Bradley

Team Shamrock

  • Mike Dubois (lost to Cole Williams)
  • Chris Lozano (defeated Travers)
  • Nick Barnes (defeated Welch)
  • Joe Williams (defeated Gonzalez)

Xtreme Couture

  • Cole Williams (defeated Dubois)
  • Cristiano Souza
  • Mike Bronzoullis (defeated Norwood)
  • A.J. Matthews

Rino Sports (Team Warren)

  • Eric Scallan (lost to Riggs)
  • Jason Norwood (lost to Bronzoullis)
  • Ismael Gonzalez (lost to Williams)
  • Evan Cutts

That is all for this week’s episode, as Evan Cutts vs. Cristiano Souza and Eric Bradley vs. AJ Matthews is set for next week’s episode of Fight Master: Bellator MMA.


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