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Bellator 97: Askren Dominates Koreshkov

Ben Askren

MMAFrenzy’s live coverage of Bellator 97 rolls along with our recap of tonight’s co-main event between Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren and Andrey Koreshkov. The fight was simply an exhibition of why no one really wants to fight Askren as he dominated Koreshkov for four straight rounds with his wrestling and control before the referee called it.

Askren Dismantles Koreshkov

In a fight that was almost depressing to watch, Bellator champion Ben Askren dominated Andrey Koreshkov en route to a TKO victory. Askren sunk into a pattern early on in the fight and stuck to it by scoring the takedown and alternating strikes/submission attempts for the duration of the round. Askren eventually finished the fight after literally turning to the referee and asking how many strikes he needed to end the fight.

Askren is now 12-0 in MMA and one of the most polarizing figures – stylistically – in the sport. Askren, as usual, essentially turned heel – merging a bit of pro wrestling into MMA – and laughed off any criticism and called out anyone that would face him after the fight. Askren now awaits the winner of Bellator 100’s main event between Douglas Lima and Ben Saunders for his next challenger.


Rd. 1- Nice sprawl by Koreshkov but Askren utilizes a beautiful double unders takedown to get him down. Near-side cradle to an arm-in guillotine by Askren but he lets it go and gets back on top quickly. Askren is now in back mount and lands some shots. He is in total control of this fight now. Askren tries a RNC but cannot finish so he goes back to strikes. Askren back in a front-head lock to pass behind again. Askren looks bored as he just waits out the round on his back. MMAFrenzy has it 10-8 Askren.

Rd. 2- Koreshkov sprawls effectively at first but gets taken down in the ensuing scramble by the funky one. Askren has his back and is just landing punches and looking for submissions. Askren is just dominating Koreshov with a gorgeous back ride. Suckback into side control by Askren now. Askren establishes Salaverry position a few times and lands more strikes. He now has it more established and lands more strikes as the round ends.

Rd. 3- Askren with an easy takedown and he gets the mount and lands more and more strikes. Askren digs for an RNC and a neck crank but bails on them to gab a hammerlock and take mount. More strikes by Askren. Koreshkov is wearing a lot of damage on his face. Koreshkov tries to roll out but its to no avail. Askren lands more strikes and plays it up to the camera as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 30-24 Askren.

Rd. 4- Koreshkov again with a good initial sprawl but Askren passes it easily. Askren with an arm-triangle attempt but does not finish and goes back to work. Askren is dominating him to the point where it is now sad. Askren asks the referee how many times he has to hit him to make the fight stop and he starts punching. Koreshkov is doing just enough to keep the bout from being called. Herzog has seen enough though and he calls it.

Ben Askren def. Andrey Koreshkov via TKO (strikes) at 2:58 of Round 4


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