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UFC 163: Aldo Retains Title Against “Korean Zombie”

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MMAFrenzy’s live fight coverage of UFC 163 concludes with our recap of tonight’s UFC featherweight title fight between champion José Aldo and “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung. Tonight’s championship fight would see the belt stay in Brazil, as Aldo took control of the fight in the fourth.

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Aldo Injures and Defeats Jung

UFC featherweight champion José Aldo has not tasted defeat since Luciano Azevedo defeated him in 2005 and that did not change tonight in Rio de Janeiro. Both fighters seemed to surprise the other tonight. Aldo held back on his trademark legkicks and wrestled more often to good effect, while Jung used a more measured approach to try and solve the champion.

The fight hinged on a fourth round striking exchange that Aldo would defend by blocking an overhand right from “The Korean Zombie.” The parry would be the beginning of the end for Jung as his shoulder dislocated and left him desperately trying to put it back in place before Aldo pounced. Aldo was too quick however and quickly pounced to put away the injured fighter.

Aldo has now won sixteen in a row and likely finds himself in a holding pattern until the featherweight division shakes out. The time off could be helpful for the champ, as he appeared to have injured his foot during tonight’s fight. His opponent, Jung, finds himself at a possible watershed moment in his MMA career after injuring his shoulder yet again.


Rd. 1-Herb Dean is our referee and a touch of gloves starts us off. Jung swarms but nothing comes close. Aldo is measuring up Jung so far and just letting him throw as he paws a jab. Overhand right by Aldo punctuated a nice combo. Nice jab starting to land for Aldo. Combo is landed by Aldo and the Brazilian follows up with a left jab. Jung whiffs on more strikes and a big leg kick by Aldo lands glancingly. Aldo is surgical so far and lands a legkick on Jung. Legkick by Jung but it isn’t anything like Aldo, but what is? Jung feints a takedown and lands a nice right hook. Takedown attempt by Aldo and he lands some shots as Jung scrambles up. Spinning wheel kick to a flying knee by Aldo. Neither connected to the chin but to the body. Jung tries an attack as the horn sounds as well. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Aldo.

Rd. 2- Jung is pushing the pace more now in his Zombie stance. Aldo connects on two wicked shots as Jung tries to swarm. Nasty combo by Aldo as Jung advances again. Body combo by Aldo punctuated by right hook. Impressive. Aldo goes back to the jab and it is landing. Aldo’s hands are sharp and it is adding up. Jung looks a step behind so far. Nasty stepping jab staggers Jung briefly. Overhand right by Jung lands but Aldo with a duckunder. Big driving takedown by Aldo and he is in side control. Jung recovers guard as Aldo tries to posture up. Body shot by Aldo as the the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Aldo (20-18).

Rd. 3- Jung tries a flying knee but gets caught and slammed by Aldo. Aldo controlling him along the fence by lacing the leg. Jung tries to land some punches along the cage and finally stands. Aldo has really surprised Jung so far tonight with more grappling and fewer legkicks. Zombie is refusing to stand as he sees Aldo loading up a knee. Jung comes in wild again and connects but Aldo again takes control along the cage. Jung tries a ninja choke but it is not under the chin and Aldo works up. Elbows to the back of the head by Jung but Dean stands them as the action stalls again. Jung tries another flying knee and Jung is again thrown down but he scrambles back up and has Aldo down but he eats some upkicks. MMAFrenzy has 30-27 Aldo.

Rd. 4- Jung is starting to pressure like he should have to start the fourth. Aldo is connecting more still though. Aldo evades another combo by Jung. Jung’s shoulder separated in a striking exchange that Aldo blocked an overhand right. He’s trying to pop it back in but Aldo pounces and annihilates him. Jung is in a ton of pain as Herb Dean steps in and mercifully ends the fight.

José Aldo def. Chan Sung Jung via TKO (injury and strikes) at 2:00 of Round 4


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