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UFC 163: Davis Awarded Stunning Decision over Machida

Phil Davis

MMAFrenzy’s live coverage of tonight’s UFC 163 pay-per-view continues with our recap of tonight’s co-main event bout between Phil Davis and Lyoto Machida. The night’s co-main proved to be an exercise in humility for Machida, as Davis picked up the victory in a shocking decision. The surprising nature of the bout certainly setup an angry crowd for tonight’s main event.

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Davis Shocks Machida

Phil Davis picked up a major victory in a key light heavyweight bout tonight in Rio. Davis appeared to lose the majority of the striking exchanges in the fight as Machida landed the more significant shots in all three rounds. What likely won the fight for Davis was two late takedowns at the end of rounds one and two. MMAFrenzy had the bout 29-28 for Machida with many tallying it 30-27 for the Brazilian, making the final decision all the more surprising.

In the end, Davis gets the biggest victory of his career and is now firmly in the title picture. The loss for Machida almost certainly erases his long-awaited title shot and puts him at crossroads in his career.


Rd. 1- Leon Roberts is our referee and the crowd is rocking. Machida takes the center but Davis starts the action with a body kick. Davis moving well early. body kick is checked by both fighters. Nice right by Machida but Davis avoid more damage. Davis is using his reach advantage well so far. Machida tags him with a combo. Headkick by Machida lands and momentarily stuns Davis. Legkick by Davis is answered by machida. Body kick by Davis is rebuked with a nasty straight left. Nice body kick by Machida. Macida explodes with a wicked combo and just misses a flying knee on the end. Davis survives but is now highly motivated to land a takedown and he does. Davis is working half guard and he digs a kimura. Elbows to the body and head of Machida as the round ends. Great first. MMAFrenzy has it 19-9 Machida in a close one.

Rd. 2- Both fighters are active to start the round. A lot of movement by Davis early but Machida doesn’t allow much movement. Headkick by Machida glances off the top of Davis’ head. Davis fires one of his own but it is blocked. Legkick by Davis. Davis with a fake shot to a headkick but it is blocked. Superman punch by Davis lands late. Davis looks for the takedown but Machida defends and beautifully avoids the clinch after. Davis with wild combos that aren’t landing here with 2:00 left. Right hand by Davis lands. Soccer kick by Machida to the chin. Davis has two shots stuffed but lands a nice uppercut while exiting the first. Davis is not changing levels well on the takedowns. Straight left by Machida.  Nasty right by machida is answered by a takedown from Davis. Knees and elbows by Davis to end the round. Very close round but the late action by Davis takes it. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Davis (19-19)

Rd. 3- Double superman punches by Davis miss. Davis is pushing the pace early with strikes. Bodykick by Machida. Left by Machida helps stuff a Davis shot. Huge knee by Machida catches Davis shooting and it allows Machida to take his back. Body kick by Machida on the exit as Davis escapes. Big left by Machida connects on Davis. Another knee by Machida rebuffs a Davis takedown. Nice straight right by Machida stops a Davis combo before it starts. Davis goes to tie and Machida with a big knee. Davis tries another take down and Machida evades beautifully. Knee by Davis as Machida again stuffs a takedown. MMAFrenzy has the round, and the fight, for Machida (29-28).

Phil Davis def. Lyoto Machida by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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