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UFC 163: Aldo Reveals Injury Altered Performance

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While Chan Sung Jung’s shoulder injury clearly had a pivotal impact on how the UFC 163 headliner came to a close, Jose Aldo has revealed that he also incurred an injury during the tilt. If you and your buddies were wondering why the featherweight champ wasn’t throwing more of his leg crushing kicks, or was somewhat reserved in the fight, it’s because he may have broken his foot.

At the post fight presser, the 26 year-old Aldo stated:

“He knew I’d be giving him low kicks, and I think the first combination I kicked straight at his knee,” said Aldo, who went on to stop Jung in the fourth round after the featherweight separated his shoulder. “I don’t know if I broke my foot, but I can hardly walk on it. So I had totally change my strategy. I had to do some boxing, use some wrestling and use some jiu-jitsu.”

The champion, and #4 ranked pound-for-pound fighter, also had this to say about the criticism he’s received that his cardio is lacking.

“I always try to fight in a very aggressive manner, so I have a lot more to lose than my opponent,” he said. “I try to fight with some intelligence and not attack crazily. I knew I was winning the fight. I was going to keep things under control. People think on TV I’m tired because I have to cut weight, but I fight intelligently. I try to keep calm, and I know I’m going to win the fight.”

Watch out there Jose; you don’t want to fire up the ‘he’s just a round winner, not a finisher’ narrative that’s been making the rounds lately. Of course, one would think that having an injured foot didn’t help matters either. Now we wait to see whether Aldo’s foot is indeed broken and who he fights next. Ricardo Lamas?

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